Supporting Local Farmers

Sunday, July 31, 2011

On the weekends we try to spend as much time outdoors as possible, so yesterday morning we stopped by our local farmers market and did a little outdoor grocery shopping. I am a firm believer in supporting local growers and buying fresh fruits and veggies whenever possible. The vibe of the farmers market is communal, free spirited and friendly. I love talking to the farmers and hearing how passionate they are about what they grow and sell.

Kumquats!! I loooove these. The farmer told me that a cup of kumquats has more nutritional value than a cup of orange juice... I told him I was going to Google that! He laughed at me...and YEP he was right according to Google :)

Little chubby feet wearing the only shoes that fit him. Seriously!

Hmmm now this is interesting... Okay this is a little too organic for me. NO THANK YOU. I did ask where their colostrum came from and he said, "Mammals." Mmmmkay.

Buckets and buckets of beautiful sunflowers. One of my favorites!

Do any of you visit your local farmers market on the weekends? What are your reasons for going? If you haven't been to a farmers market yet I definitely recommend you make a little trip out of it! Such a fun experience.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Okay get excited!! Today Sam from sdmariejewelry is giving away this amazing brass hook bangle bracelet above to a lucky one of you! Its one of those bracelets that goes with pretty much anything.

All of her beautiful handmade jewelry is so unique! I recently ordered this necklace and I lala LOVE it!!

How you can win the above bracelet:
  • You must be a follower of Delighted Momma through GFC
  • Visit sdmariejewelry and leave a comment below telling which item you love!
For additional entries:
  • Mention this giveaway any where else you like. Please leave an additional comment(s) telling me where you mentioned it.
You can have up to three additional entries.

The winner will be chosen via within a week! Good luck! Thank you again Sam!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thrifty Momma Thursday and Giveaway Winner!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

In pretty much perfect condition Jessica Simpson flats for $1.

A brown leather belt.

Ian and I own a total of two coffee mugs. The two that we do own are giant and fit about 2-3 cups of coffee easily. I see no point in owning more unless they are also giant or pretty awesome. I saw these and they are now happily apart of our mug family.

A stack of wood frames that I am going to distress and hang in our entry way. $2 for all of them.

AND now for the winner. I know you scrolled down here first but I'm fine with that :)

The winner is # 64 Danielle. Congrats Danielle! Please e-mail me at with your mailing address.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

For all of you who just said ...."Aww Boooo!" I just might be having another AWESOME giveaway tomorrow *hint* hosted by one of my favorite Etsy shops! So you have another chance to win!

Things That Make Me Say Yeay!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No its not a pager...although I did have one of those back in the day. 143 remember that?! It's my insulin pump. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was seven. Type 1 diabetes is very different from type 2 diabetes, which is the one you always hear about in the news. I did not give myself this. My body just decided to stop producing insulin...which you need to live. A few years ago I finally decided that doing insulin shots all day kind of sucked so I got on the insulin pump. Its my mini robot that stays with me all day. It has changed my YEAY!

My new recipe book!! Yeay for easy recipes...although I do appreciate a good rainbow cake I will most likely never make that.

I am doing a mud run with some of my girlfriends in September YEAY! For those of you who don't know what a mud run is, it is exactly whats is sounds like. They spray you with water, you roll around in mud and RUNNNN! I have been doing more outdoor running in order to get in shape and I never leave my house without my mace...just in case some creeper wants to invade my space I am prepared! I think every woman should have one of these.

SO awesome. Real nail polish nail strips from Sally Hansen. I paint my nails about as good as I can braid my own hair..not very well. So yeay for this!

Ian got me my first indoor cactus flower plant...aka a succulent. LOVE these.

Zucchini Fries

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I have a small problem when it comes to french fries. It is the same problem that I mentioned here about chips.

I am a pretty good eater but whenever we go out to eat and Ian orders something with the option of either french fries or fruit I always shout "FRIES!"... and end up eating half of his...I know how ruuuude right?

Soooo the other day I was having a major french fry craving. I did a little googling for low carb french fries. Well I am here to tell you that after a few minutes of searching there are no good low carb "real" french fry recipes. BUT I did find this. Zucchini fries it is! I was pretty excited.

What you will need:
  • 3 zucchini
  • 1 egg white
  • 1/4 cup of milk
  • 1/2 cup of shredded Parmesan cheese. I used a little more I am not gonna lie. I like extra cheesy fries. Don't you??
  • 1/2 cup of seasoned Italian breadcrumbs
  • Vegetable cooking spray. This is IMPORTANT. I sprayed one baking tray and not the another. Result= Sad stuck sticky zucchini fries that....I ate anyways but STILL. Make sure you use this.

Slice up the zucchini into little french fry slices.

Mix the milk and the egg white in a bowl.

Mix the breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese in a separate bowl. Dip each zucchini slice first into the milk/egg mixture then coat in the Parmesan/breadcrumb mixture. Spray your cooking pan with oil (IMPORTANT) and bake at 420 degrees for 20 minutes.


Ian was pretty excited to try these when I told him what I was making...but my girlfriend ended up coming over and we ate every last one. Sorry babe!

Skin Care Tip of the Week *What your skin is telling you*

Monday, July 25, 2011

When you are not taking care of yourself as good as you should...your skin will let you know. Your skin is constantly communicating with you and if you are experiencing pigmentation problems, acne, puffy eyes and other issues it is most likely the result of something deeper that is happening on the inside.

Face mapping has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese believe that you can tell a lot about a person and their health just by looking at their skin. I use this technique when I am doing a skin analysis on a client and it is so interesting how accurate it really is.

Listed below are the different zones of your face and what organ they are related to. Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of what exactly may be causing your skin care concerns.

Forehead (Zone 1 & 3)- This zone is related to the bladder and digestive system. If you have deep lines this could indicate a blocked colon and or gallbladder. If you are experiencing breakouts here it could indicate that you are having a few too many cocktails and your diet may be a little too rich in dairy or processed foods. You should try drinking more water and eating more natural foods.

Between eyes (Zone 2) - This zone is related to the liver. Breaking our here may indicate you have a food allergy and are consuming too many rich or fried foods.

Ears (Zone 4 & 10)
- This zone is related to the kidneys. It is pretty rare to breakout on your ears but if you do you need to give your kidneys a little more TLC. You should drink more water and cut back on alcohol.

Around your eyes (Zone 6 & 8)- This zone is also related to your kidneys. If you are experiencing dark under eye circles or puffiness this can indicate you are stressed, drinking too much caffeine and you not getting enough sleep.

Cheeks (Zones 5 & 9)- This zone is related to your heart and respiratory system. I can usually tell if a client is a smoker or used to be a smoker by the little broken capillaries that show up along the cheeks. Also if you are eating too much protein or fatty foods you may experience breakouts here.

Nose and upper lip (Zone 7)- This zone is related to the stomach and intestines. Deep lip lines may indicate that you are not properly digesting your food. If you are experiencing breakouts here you may have a food allergy. Quick little fact....I ALWAYS breakout on my nose (worse place right?) whenever I eat a large amount of peanuts or peanut butter.

Chin and jaw ares (Zone 11, 12,13 & 14)
- If you are experiencing breakouts or pigmentation problems here is it most likely due to a hormonal imbalance.

If you are experiencing any of the above problems with your skin, take a look at your lifestyle and if you need to tweak a few things there is no doubt your skin will thank you for it!

A little thank you to everyone who sent me an e-mail saying how much you are enjoying this mask. If you have not tried it yet I highly recommend you do!

If you have any questions regarding this you can leave your question in the comment section or you can email me and I will be happy to answer :)

Weekend Traditions

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family traditions are so important to Ian and I...even the simplest of things like Saturday and Sunday breakfast have become a family tradition. Weekend mornings consist of waking up WAY too early..turning on some good tunes, getting a GIANT pot of coffee started (I heart coffee and might have a mini freak out if I did not have a few cups) and making a huge batch of scrambled eggs. I love it.

Do you have any weekend traditions? I want to hear!

Oh and on a side note...I am SO bummed. I accidentally deleted a few posts last night.

Lesson learned: Do not try to edit a bunch of your posts after a dinner date where you had more than one glass of wine. Got it.

Only a couple days left to enter THIS giveaway.

A Little Friday Inspiration

Friday, July 22, 2011

Isnt this all just amazing? I am going to start writing down my favorite quotes on sticky paper and attaching them to my bathroom mirror so I can see them daily.

Today I am going to soak up life a little more and give my favorite little person in the whole wide world my full undivided attention. I am having a small case of Mom today is all about little trucks and blocks and a trip to the duck pond.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

Oh and want to know what I hate more than anything?! ANTS. Why are they in my dryer!!?! Umm hello there is no food in there weirdos. They are SO ruude and apparently immune to Windex.

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*Giveaway!* Thrifty Momma Thursday

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A little while back I said that I would like to start giving away some of the fun things I thrift in order to keep the cycle of giving and thrifting going. SO today I am giving away one of the following...

A bright yellow vintage fondue pot. It still has the original tags and instructions inside.

A vintage floral skirt. Size Medium. I am guessing it is about a size 4.

Elephant figurine/ring holder.

How you can win:

You must be a follower of my blog. Leave a comment below telling me which item is your favorite.

For additional entries:

Mention this giveaway on Twitter.

Mention in a blog post.

Mention on Facebook.

Leave a separate comment for each.

The winner will be chosen via Good luck!

The giveaway ends Wednesday July 27th

Things That Make Me Say Yeay!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pretty tissue paper from World Market that I wrapped a little present in this week.

Drinking this by a beautiful pool over the weekend. Maybe my all time favorite beer...

A new Fresh Lilac candle for my facial room. I bought it here.

Fresh basil from our garden! I have been adding it to every thing I cook just because I am so excited about it. Who cares if basil and enchiladas don't go together..I am adding it!

The coolest ducktape that I have ever seen!

Do you have anything that makes you say YEAY?! I want to hear!

DIY Rose Earrings

Monday, July 18, 2011

You are most likely thinking..."ANOTHER polymer clay diy?! Why yes it is! I might just be obsessed. My polymer clay frenzy started after this project and I have been hooked ever since. I have millions of clay ideas burning through my skull that I am so excited to hopefully you are ready to get bomboozled with clay diys :)

A few months ago I purchased a pair of cute little flower earrings on Etsy. With shipping my total cost was about $8. Not bad right? When I got them in the mail I did a little happy dance. I loved them! So I ordered a few more...

Over the weekend I was checkin them out a little closer and realized these would be SO easy to make. AND SHHHhhhh they cost less than $1 to make yourself..considering that with one package of clay can make about 50 pairs of earrings!

What you will need:
Roll about 6 little balls of clay. Flatten them out with your finger.

Fold one of the flattened balls in half. This is going to be the center of the rose.

Place the other flattened balls all around the center piece. These are going to be the petals.

Slice off the end of the rose to make a flat base for the earring post.

Bake the roses at 275 degrees for 15 minutes.

Krazy glue the rose to the post. This stuff is STICKY (duh) and I got it everywhere! What should you do when you get it on your pointer finger? Quickly tap your thumb and pointer finger together. Wrong! Don't do this unless you would like missing finger pads like I now have. Bummer.

ALL baked and ready to wear!

On a side note: It cracks me up when I read the Google search words that bring people to my blog. The latest and greatest was..."Can I eat clay bangles?" UMMMM well I would suggest N.O. You should eat a sandwich instead. Not sure why someone would want to eat their homemade clay bangles..but I typed this into the Google search because I was curious to see what really popped up... and guess what? My blog was was a front runner. Too funny.

Oh and I joined Twitter!..BUUUT I have no clue what I am doing.

Peach Pistachio Frozen Yogurt Cups

Friday, July 15, 2011

During our first few years of marriage Ian and I were getting frozen yogurt twice a weekend EVERY weekend. It was our Friday AND Sunday night tradition. I knew it was bad when the girl at the frozen yogurt shop had our "regular" order all packed and ready for us as soon as she spotted us walking up. When we bought our first house we sat down to go over all the bills and realized we were spending about $90 a month JUST on frozen yogurt! EEEEE!! Not good! So we cut that out. Quick status.

I still have a major soft spot for anything with a frozen consistency so yesterday I made these yummy little frozen yogurt cups.

What you will need:
  • Fresh peaches
  • Pistachios
  • Greek Yogurt (MY FAV)
  • Cupcake liners
Chop...(hammer) away until they are broken up into tiny little pieces

Dice up the peaches. Mix the pistachios and peaches into a bowl of yogurt. Place a large spoonful of the mixture into each cupcake liner and freeze for about 2 hours.

Enjoy your delicious little treat.

Did YOU win? Giveaway Winner!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

This has been a pretty crazy work week (hence the reason for a lack of a post today) but I am not complaining. I truly do love my job. Even when I am doing extractions on a client (aka popping a pimple the correct way) and THEIR pimple squirts right into my eye. WAIT WHAT??!! EWWWWW...I know!! Okay maybe I don't love that part...BUT yes this somehow happens to me at least once every 6 months!

You would have thought I learned my lesson by now but I guess not.

Ya pretty gross.

P.S Isn't that quote great?! Don't doubt who you are because there is no doubt that you are AWESOME!

SO NOW for the winner! Was that a smooth transition?

# 10 is Brynn!

Brynn please email me at so I can get your mailing address.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

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