The Beauty Tester: Tan Towel "Look Good Naked"

Monday, April 20, 2015

For this weeks's Beauty Tester series I tried out a product that I felt like I could definitely benefit from, the Tan Towel.  Think of the shade cream and then try to imagine two shades lighter than that and that my friends was the color of my legs before I tried this out.  So hot I know.  So needless to say, I could use a little tan of some kind.  I have heard about the Tan Towel from a few fellow bloggers and friends and I decided it was time to give it a try.

My Expectations Before I Tried It:  Since this promised to give me a quick, easy, no fuss, no streak and even tan that is what I was expecting.  I am a big supporter of spray tans but I always hate the uneven-ness that sometimes comes with those. So with this I was hoping it would look a little more like the real deal.

Cost: $15.00, which includes a package of 2 full body towelettes and 2 half body towelettes.

Prep or Directions: The package said to unfold the towelette and apply to clean dry skin in a circular motion.  After application it said to wash hands and since I know all about oompa loompa hands from the spray tans I did what I was instructed to do.  The tan was supposed to appear after 2-4 hours so I put on my favorite non constricting maxi dress and I waited.

How my legs looked 4 hours post Tan Towel.

Results: After 4 hours I had a great golden looking tan!  Considering how white my legs were to begin with, I was really impressed with the color and overall result.  I did have a few streak marks on my upper thighs where I did not rub the tan in evenly (my fault for rushing the application process) but other than that I loved this!  Plus it did not leave a weird burnt cornflake smell like a traditional spray tan does AND since the tan color is only applied to the areas where you want I didn't have orange hands and orange heels like I usually do with a spray tan.

My Rating: I give the Tan Towel an A!  I am so excited to have found a product that is not stinky plus produces a totally natural looking bronzed tan.  The whole process was easy, quick and mess free.  I will be ordering more of these for sure! 

Have you used this before? I would love to hear what you thought if so. 

Things That Make Me Say Yeay

Friday, April 17, 2015

Our TV pooped out on us last week and it's been in the repair shop all week (not awesome at all). BUT in a weird way it has been a good thing because I am learning to be way more creative at the end of the day with activities as opposed to just turning on a movie for them so I can have a glass of wine and make dinner in peace.  But with all that said I still want it back...I mean Game of Thrones is on and I AM MISSING IT, which is not okay.

Visiting Grandpa's chickens and picking up our weekly batch of fresh eggs.

Spring cleaning and making little piles of things that are going to the Goodwill and things that I am selling on eBay, which makes the whole parting process with things I love (but do not need) just a little bit easier ;)

Trying a grass fed bison burger from The Burger Lounge the other day, which was absolutely incredible.

Newly chopped hair!  It feels so fresh and I am loving the change.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About My Type 1 Diabetes

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Current favorite bathing suit can be found here

1. Where do you wear/hide your pump when you are wearing a dress or a bathing suit?  Ah well I have become quite the undercover agent when it comes to concealing my pump in tricky outfits.  When I wear a dress with straps I will use the clear pump clip and clip it in the center of my bra in the front.  So, the pump and infusion tubing are facing down.  I have tried to just shimmy my pump in between the girls inside my bra and that never works and usually results in it falling out when I bend over and me acting like an organ just fell out whenever that does happen ha!  So the clip action is the best.  If I am wearing a dress with a strapless bra or where it is not possible to clip it into the center part of my bra, I will clip the pump to the side of my undies.  This works great if I am wearing a maxi dress or a dress that is not tight on the bottom half.  This obviously does make it almost impossible to bolus in public but a quick trip to the ladies room solves that.  When I wear a bathing suit I usually just tuck it into the bottoms on the side.  I also have to get creative with tucking in the tubing so my kids don't pull it out if we are just playing at the beach or outside of the pool. And then when I get in the water I obviously take my pump off completely.

2.  How did you start eating Paleo and how does it help with your diabetes management?  I have always had issues with grains and legumes and whenever I would eat them in the past they would always without fail cause my blood sugars to spike and then drop.  I could never quite figure out how to cover for them so I just started avoiding those two things pretty much altogether.  So, when the Paleo diet become really popular a few years ago I just figured this would be an easy lifestyle to follow, and it was and still is.  I would say I am not as big of a meat fanatic as the typical Paleo person and I eat more of a vegetable based diet but for me this is the best and easiest way to avoid spikes and to control my blood sugars through my diet. I do still eat cheese because I just can not go through life without putting feta cheese on my salad or having cheese and salami together but other than that I would say I follow about an 80% Paleo diet. My Paleo grocery shopping list can be found here.

3. I notice that you love wine and I would love to know how does alcohol affect your blood sugars?  Okay yes it is no surprise that I love my wine and I am happy to report that for some weird phenomenon wine does nothing to my blood sugars. It does not raise it or lower it.  Maybe I am immune haha.  But, other alcohols can take a major tole on my blood sugars. I avoid beer almost all together because it always spikes me and makes me feel so sluggish because of the gluten and hard alcohol like vodka usually tends to be mixed with drinks that are full of sugar and in turn these tend to make my blood sugars rise and then fall fast several hours later or early in the morning the next day. So when I do drink alcohol I usually just stick to wine.

4.  Did you ever have a diabetes burnout? Yes and I talked about that in great length in this post.

5.  I remember you mentioned you were going to go on a pump vacation a while back.  How did that go?  It lasted only one week and it sucked big time. I was quickly reminded how much I hate doing shots.  Also, because I have had the luxury of bolusing and then snacking with the pump that had to stop with the pump vacation since every time I wanted a snack I had to give myself a shot.  I was also having so many highs and overall I just felt super crappy. So after one short week I decided I will forever love my pump, stop complaining about it and never do that again.

I would love to do a part two to this post so if you have any other questions that you did not see covered I am more than happy to answer them on the next post.

What 39 Seconds of Pure Happiness Sounds Like To Me...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oh these little voices make me happy. I hope I never forget these special moments of pure innocence and happiness from these two. Have a great day!

How To Make Natural Blush (only 2 ingredients needed)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Since everything you put on your skin is essentially getting absorbed, I have recently been more and more interested in chemical and fragrance free makeup. Now I promise I am not going total hippie on you and I still plan on wearing normal mascara but I have been experimenting with a few natural beauty DIYs.  Some have been giant ugly disasters and others have been so amazing that I have actually been using them daily in place of my normal makeup.

One of my recent favorites has been beet root powder blush.  It's the simplest beauty DIY and takes only seconds to whip up.  The bright pink is beyond perfect for little splash of color for spring and summer.  Plus you can customize how light or dark you want, which makes this even better.

What you will need:
  • A tbs of beet root powder * 
  • Arrowroot powder
  • A small container with a lid to store your blush
* You can find beet root powder in bulk at your local natural grocery store (Whole Foods, Sprouts etc...) or online here


1. Place the beet root powder in a small container.  
2. Mix in a small amount of arrowroot powder until you have reached the desired lightness of your blush. I only used a very small amount since I prefer more of a vibrant shade.
3. Place your blush into a small container with a lid and store out of the sunlight. 
4. Wear just like you would normal blush. 

Since this is all natural and contains no preservatives, make only enough to last you two weeks and then discard and make more! :)

I have been loving this. The result is natural, perfectly flushed cheeks.  If you end up trying this out make sure to come back and let me know what you think! 

Things That Make Me Say Yeay + HELLO Again!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Max started his first year of baseball and it's the cutest thing ever!  He is always so amped for each game and I couldn't be more proud of his happy little spirit out there on the field.          

A recent vintage Etsy purchase that I just love and can't wait to wear on repeat over summer.

We are finally getting around to decorating and putting together our home office.  I take FOREVER to make decisions about furniture and the littlest things so it's really no surprise it has taken almost two years for me to start working on it.  This green chair and plus sign rug are the newest additions.  It still needs pictures hung on the wall and a few other things but I am happy with the progress.

A clean kitchen + sunflowers.  These two things make me happy :)

A little peek into what we have been working on for the past month.  Nothing is official yet so that's all I can share for now. I know soooo annoying yet again but I will share more as/if things progress.

Life has been crazy to say the least but with all the craziness I know that God has a plan for us and what is meant to be will be.   Have a great weekend!

Be Right Back!...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

You may have noticed it's been more quiet around here than usual. Welllllll, it's all for good reason.  We have some pretty big and exciting changes happening in our life at the moment and all my extra time and energy has been going to that.  I know I am being so vague and annoying but until things are more concrete that's the note that I have to leave things on for now. And no, I am not pregnant. No way jose. 

I'll be back soon! Until then, you can find me on Instagram
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