EASY DIY Wood Headboard

Monday, November 23, 2015

We are getting super close to being done with our renovation!  That means that very soon the boys will each have their own bathroom (thank God for that) and bedrooms. Ronin has completely outgrown his toddler bed and is more than ready to be in a twin bed.  Since the decorating vibe in our new home will have more of a rustic/eclectic vibe, I wanted to branch out of my DIY comfort zone and build something myself.  I was originally inspired by this tutorial but wanted to make my life easier with less steps so I put my own spin on it and I'm not gonna lie, I surprised myself when I was done.  I actually built something I liked! ;)

My original plan for Ronin's headboard was to use the old barn siding that I had saved from  demolition. BUT after putting it together it weighed about 200 pounds (not even joking) and I decided that the goal here was not to DIY how to knock out your child while they are sleeping so I saved that wood for another project and moved on to something that was much lighter...fence picket wood!  You can find fence picket wood at Home Depot for around $2 a pop and its super light weight.  Plus, they can cut it right there for you to any length you want, which saves you some fingers and time.

So here is how I built this super duper easy bed frame...

What you will need:
  • 5 pieces of wood fencing (I had each piece cut to 46" for a twin sized headboard. So if you are making a larger headboard adjust the lengths accordingly) 
  • 2 -- 1" x 4"s each cut to be 60" long
  • A bunch of 1.5" wood screws
  • Drill 
  • 150 grit sand paper 
  • Danish Oil in Natural 

Here is how to make it:

Lay your pre cut pieces of wood on the ground in the order that you want.

Place the 1" x 4"s evenly on each side of your headboard like shown above.  Using the drill, screw your legs into the fence wood from the top to the bottom.  I wanted a little extra support, so I also drilled in a few scrap pieces in the middle. 

Once your headboard is fully secured with the legs, turn it over and give it a good sand with 150 grit sand paper.  Wipe off all the dust after you are done sanding and evenly apply a coat of Danish Oil.  Make sure to apply oil in the direction of the natural wood grain.  You could also use a dark wood stain, but since I loved the raw natural color I decided to just brighten it up a bit with the oil.

Next, stand your headboard up and you're done!  My plan is to secure the headboard to a metal frame using bolts. You could also just secure it to the wall if you don't plan on moving it. 

Barn Tour! (Video)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Okay... lets try this barn tour thing again!  The first video I shot was pretty horrible and I took it down not long after posting it, so round two here ya go!  The upstairs is still a work in progress so I will share that part when it is more finished.

The plan with this video was to film it when it was nice and quiet and clean, BUT since we have people at our house doing different things until the sun goes down, this is as good as it's gonna get for now.  Filming is definitely not one of my strong points as you are about to witness ;)

No More Excuses + Making Some Personal Changes

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I'm sitting here trying to figure out a clever way to start this post, but instead of white picket fencing things I am just going to lay it all out there.  So here goes...

Since moving into our temporary living space within our renovation, I've gained almost 10 pounds.  And to be honest, I'm feeling pretty unhappy with myself right now, and ya know I'm allowed to feel that way. I'm 5'4" so for my body this feels like a lot of weight.  I can be honest with myself and acknowledge that I have been drinking way more wine at night than I probably should, wearing gym clothes more often then I actually go to the gym, and I have not been handling stress in the right way at all.

Since I refussseeeeee to buy bigger jeans and make more excuses (and room) for my expanding butt, starting right now I am making some changes.

Here is how I plan to get myself back on track:
  • Get back into running daily.  I love running and have almost given it up completely since moving.  And when I do go to the gym I need to turn off my phone to avoid distractions and just focus on myself for that one hour. That has definitely been one of my biggest problems.  I have the hardest time turning everything off. But people, instagram, e-mails, texts and googling for things for our house can all wait.
  • Swap out wine on weeknights with yummy decaf tea.  I'm not saying no wine at all, I just need to get back to enjoying a glass here and there and not every single night. 
  • Track my progress on Lose It!  My husband uses this app and he loves it. Not sure how I feel about counting and tracking every little single thing that I eat, but I am going to give it a shot. Has anyone else used this app? Did you like it? I would love hear. 
  • Realize it's okay to put myself first sometimes when it comes to my mental and physical health. My husband is more than understanding and I just need to talk to him more.  I know he would completely understand if I told him I just need to go outside (away from the chaos) to clear my head and get some exercise. 
And that is the extent of my personal goals at this very moment. The reason I've decided to share this is because in some way it makes me feel more accountable for the things I do.  I need to work on myself and I am sure we can all relate to feeling like that at one point or another.  I will share an update with you next week on how things are going.

So here's to a healthy and positive new day! 

My Fall To-Do List + A Little Input From All of My Boys

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall is here! Well not here here since it's still like 100 plus degrees in California, but regardless I am going to pretend like the weather is in the low 60s and put us all in plaid and get as festive as possible while we sweat our butts off because I friggin love all things fall.

For this year's fall to-do list I got all three of my boys input. So everyone has a little say this time around :)

1.  Take the boys apple picking and then bake something yummy like this with some of our pickings. Ian said he refuses to do this since he can just buy apples at Trader Joes hahah so his loss... the boys are excited ;)

2. Go on a scary movie date. Little fact about me...The last scary movie that I attempted to watch in a movie theater was Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I walked out 30 minutes in because I almost peed my pants I was so scared.  And that was back in high school!  So ya...it's been awhile. But I am ready to conquer my fear and squeeze the crap out of Ian's hand while we watch something horrifying.

3.  Have a star spotting, backyard tent campout where we eat popcorn and tell stories. -- This was 100% Max's idea and I love it.

4.  Watch a legit pig race. Well, √ we actually did this last weekend and it was literally the best thing ever!  The pigs all ran as fast as they could around this little track and it was so much fun to bet on which one we thought would win. Highlight of our pumpkin patch experience by far!

5.  Go to a pro football game with Ian.

6. Go to Oktoberfest with friends!

7. Make tons of trips to the Farmer's Market to pick up in season fruits and veggies

8. Make Paleo candy apples with the boys.

9. Make a trip to this giant corn maze and visit as many pumpkin patches as we can with jumpy slides. -- All Ronin :)

10. Go to an outdoor concert with my babe. The type where we bring a blanket, can just totally chill, and hopefully cuddle if the weather permits.

Our Real Life Fixer Upper: Picture Update!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Whewwww!! We have been beyond busy with all things house related, and so much has been happening in the last couple of weeks.  As of currently... half of the second floor has been removed, the downstairs is all framed, the reclaimed barn wood ceiling is up and painted white, and the exposed beams have been wrapped sanded stained and sealed (still need to finish bottom half obviously).  I am so thankful for the main crew that has been here daily working their asses off to get this project completed!

So here are a few pictures of what the interior of our barn (soon to be home) currently looks like...

So what do you guys think? I feel like we went from nothing going on to everything happening at once!

Also, if you want to see more day to day happenings of our barn conversion you can follow me along on Instagram.


Friday, September 18, 2015

After weeks and weeks and weeks of waiting and waiting and waiting our barn conversion plans have FINALLY been approved by County!  I was actually starting to think our plans were being held hostage it was taking so long.  Not even joking.   

Up until this point we have been moving at turtle speed since we haven't been able to make any major structural changes without County approval, but I am no longer going to dwell on that because we are now able to start cranking on this renovation!  This week has been filled with concrete trucks, county inspections, and the sound of major demolition shaking our upstairs apartment and I could not be anymore excited about it!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will be back soon with new pictures of what it's starting to look like inside :)

5 Honest Things That I Have Learned During Our Renovation

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

1. I can live with less.  We are currently living in the small apartment space above the horse stalls and let me just tell ya, the space is tight. Only the boys favorite toys and living necessities fit inside. Everything else is in storage. Our temporary kitchen is a "one person at a time" kinda space and we currently do not have a microwave, dishwasher or space for dishes.  Although, I do miss my microwave for reheating my coffee I have learned that even though all the extra "things" in a living space might make life more convenient but we can live perfectly fine without them. 

2. I DO need wine at the end of the day.  There will be no juice cleanses or detoxes in the near future that's for sure.  In fact, pretty sure I could live off of wine and ice cream sandwiches for the next 6 months and be perfectly fine. Just saying.

3.  We should have anticipated to spend a lot more money than we originally budgeted for.  Unexpected (expensive) things that we can't dodge have sprung up, and that's just the way renovations go.

4.  I have had to lower my expectations and realize I can't control things that are out of my control (duh). By lowering my expectations I'm not as disappointed with set backs and delays in the process. Although I still get mad as hell when people suck at what they are supposed to be doing. 

5.  Stress levels have been at an all time high these past few months, and frankly no one could have prepared us for how stressful this whole process would really be.  So making time for ourselves and our marriage away from all the chaos has been so incredibly important.

If you have been though a major remodel, renovation or new house build and made it out alive without losing your mind or divorcing your spouse (kidding...) I would love to hear any advice that you may have. 
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