baby junk food attempt # 2

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little baby puffs, which make me so nervous.

Just reading the ingredients. I taught him this ; )

Hey I remember this little thing..

Holding on tight!

Love his chubby little hands. Trying to figure how the heck he is supposed to get this to his mouth.


After all that hype..he was much more interested in vigorously shaking the container of rice puffs than eating them.

At Max's 6 month check up the Dr. told us it was okay to feed him little rice puffs...AKA baby junk food. We gave him one to try and poor little guy tried to swallow it whole! NOT GOOD I had a mini heart attack...Since he is now almost 9 months and eating chunkier food just fine I decided to give it another try...Success!

a little slice of heaven

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The seemingly endless golden field of flowers on our way to Julian.

Such a cute little shop.

Apple raspberry crumble pie. We both decided this made up for the slightly disappointing hike attempt.

After our little slice tease we HAD to buy a whole pie.

We headed out to Julian today to do a little family hike. My weather channel app said it was going to be beautiful with clear skies :) Hit a few speed bumps along the way...

1) Almost ran out of gas driving there.
2) We dressed like we were doing a beach hike and it was 37 degrees.
3) Drove ALL around looking for the hiking trail and ended up on some creepy road with no trail in sight.
4) It started raining.

SO what to do in Julian when its freezing and raining? Eat their famous warm pie of course.

The most wonderful season of them all

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cherry Blossoms are everywhere! Makes driving down my street that much more lovely.

Just bought "Mint Candy Apple" Monday and I love it!

Totally reminds me of Easter. I LOVE these. I could probably eat that whole bowl no biggie

Earth Day. Friday, April 22

How awesome are these springy inspired TOMS?!

Martha Stuart has the best ideas. Vanilla custard in broken egg shells.

I am dying for one of these!..Especially in yellow.

This just sounds yummmy. Gonna make a stop to World Market to pick up a bag!

Lemon cake is just the best. The End.

I asked Ian what comes to his mind when i say "Spring"...and without hesitation this
is what he said...

Baseball starts!

Snow starts melting, which means, no more snowboarding...sad face.
(pretty awesome pic he took while on a man trip in Mammoth)

saint pattys day

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Max spotted the carrots in the pan and was trying to make a jump for it.

Nothing makes me smile more than these two together.

Yuuuuuuummmm yum yum Soda Bread. The little chuck missing from the side was me tasting it and making sure it wasn't poisonous. It wasn't : )

Straight outta the oven.

The Spread.

I made a little pact with myself when I was pregnant that I would make each holiday and special occasion...well special. Never again will I skip a holiday or special date just because of inconvenience.

my first attempts at the scary manual settings

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My motto has always been "Don't be average at the things you love to do, be exceptional." Even as a little girl I would dribble the soccer ball around the house for HOURS so when Saturday's game came I would be that much better than the week before. Yes, I may get a little OCD when it comes to new hobbies, but I have always been like this. I am learning to embrace it.

I have been chatting with some of my "exceptional" photography friends and have come to the conclusion I need to say BYE BYE to Mr. Flash and Hello Mr. Manual setting. This is going to be hard for me because 1) I always use the flash..even if its not really needed. 2) I prefer the settings that do all the work for me.

I am no where near being in the meantime I will be the obnoxious girl who is taking millions of pictures of the same thing until the aperture and shutter speed are juuuuust right ; )

big news around here!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For the past three nights Max has been sleeping in his own room, in his own crib, ALL night long! WOoooo HOOOoo! BIG STEP for him and me. Such a big boy now :)

a little sunshine wall

Monday, March 7, 2011

I saw this idea at Tip Junkie
and loved it. Totally spruced up our family room wall..and was super affordable to do.

I have also learned a little lesson with this project. Spray paint in a WELL VENTILATED area and I need to wear a mask next time (duh). I thought I was going to literally pass out from all the spray paint fumes in my garage...woooopsie

slight obsession

Friday, March 4, 2011

Some of the frames I found for my wall project. I also got a great yellow kitchen bowl and two little vases, which are going on our console table.

I may be addicted to thrifting! Not saying I am going to turn into some crazy hoarder lady or anything...but I have found some really great things. I have been almost every morning for two weeks. It's on the way to the gym, so just in case new treasures arrive I want to be the first to spot them!

I'm not the only slightly obsessed one. There is also a lady that I have noticed every single morning as well. She quickly browses the items and then picks up her iPhone and does a form of frantic texting...hmm? I decided to break the awkward "lets pretend we don't see each other every morning thing" and asked her what she was looking for. Turns out she has a very successful eBay shop and resells vintage goodies there!

I am revamping a boring wall in our family room. I found this really awesome idea that I cant wait to finish. My mission yesterday was to find FRAMES ...the uglier the better : )
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