Friday, September 18, 2015

After weeks and weeks and weeks of waiting and waiting and waiting our barn conversion plans have FINALLY been approved by County!  I was actually starting to think our plans were being held hostage it was taking so long.  Not even joking.   

Up until this point we have been moving at turtle speed since we haven't been able to make any major structural changes without County approval, but I am no longer going to dwell on that because we are now able to start cranking on this renovation!  This week has been filled with concrete trucks, county inspections, and the sound of major demolition shaking our upstairs apartment and I could not be anymore excited about it!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will be back soon with new pictures of what it's starting to look like inside :)

5 Honest Things That I Have Learned During Our Renovation

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

1. I can live with less.  We are currently living in the small apartment space above the horse stalls and let me just tell ya, the space is tight. Only the boys favorite toys and living necessities fit inside. Everything else is in storage. Our temporary kitchen is a "one person at a time" kinda space and we currently do not have a microwave, dishwasher or space for dishes.  Although, I do miss my microwave for reheating my coffee I have learned that even though all the extra "things" in a living space might make life more convenient but we can live perfectly fine without them. 

2. I DO need wine at the end of the day.  There will be no juice cleanses or detoxes in the near future that's for sure.  In fact, pretty sure I could live off of wine and ice cream sandwiches for the next 6 months and be perfectly fine. Just saying.

3.  We should have anticipated to spend a lot more money than we originally budgeted for.  Unexpected (expensive) things that we can't dodge have sprung up, and that's just the way renovations go.

4.  I have had to lower my expectations and realize I can't control things that are out of my control (duh). By lowering my expectations I'm not as disappointed with set backs and delays in the process. Although I still get mad as hell when people suck at what they are supposed to be doing. 

5.  Stress levels have been at an all time high these past few months, and frankly no one could have prepared us for how stressful this whole process would really be.  So making time for ourselves and our marriage away from all the chaos has been so incredibly important.

If you have been though a major remodel, renovation or new house build and made it out alive without losing your mind or divorcing your spouse (kidding...) I would love to hear any advice that you may have. 

Things That Make Me Say Yeay

Friday, September 4, 2015

Hot air balloon sighting in our backyard.  The boys get so excited every time they spot one.

A case of wine from my family's wine company,  Craveyon Cloud Wines.  Now these are the types of gifts I am talking about.  I usually prefer red/dry wines over sweet and fruity, but the Orange Muscat  has been one of my favorites.  It's the perfect summer sipping wine...or anytime sipping wine for that matter.

Ian teaching the boys the art of egg cracking and scrambled egg making.

A frontrunner cement tile sample for the powder bath. I am going in a slightly different direction with the interior design of our new home and I can't wait to share more.  Also, thank you for all of those who left opinions regarding our flooring.  It helped make our final decision so much easier!

Homemade pizza, which has become our newest tradition on Sunday evenings. I let the boys basically do everything and the result is always the ugliest yet yummiest pizza ever.

This has been the loooooogest week in the history of longest weeks.  Ian got home last night after being gone for a week on business and I could not be more excited for the long 3 day weekend that starts now.  We will be relaxing, making a trip to the beach, doing a little wine tasting and attempting to capture the remaining lizard that still resides in our kitchen..ughhhh.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Unfiltered Chaos + I Can't Make This Stuff Up

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I really try not to be one of those mom whiners but sometimes you just gotta get it out and share the crazy unfiltered chaos because I am sure I can't be the only one feeling like I am going to lose my mind from time to time.

So here goes:

Yesterday I woke up to a beeping insulin pump. It was time to change my sensor. I went to my diabetic drawer and realized I had forgotten to place a new order for sensors and I had none left. Now on a regular basis I would say that my sensors are not completely necessary but with all the stress of the renovation, my blood sugars have been bouncing all over the place so it's a necessity at this point of my life.  The boys were just waking up and being super demanding about what they wanted for breakfast.  I was already extra irritated so I did the whole speal about how they needed to eat the bowl of cereal that I poured for them or I would go outside and cook them up some squirrels like they eat in other countries.  And I am sure those kids are grateful, dammit!

So I am on hold with the customer service department for my sensors and apparently my insurance denied my order since I just placed an order last month. Long story short (for the sensors at least), I must have lost one of my box of sensors during the move and I was shit outta luck.  I was expressing my frustrations with the sweet lady on the other end of the phone when a family of LIZARDS runs across my kitchen floor! I'm talking two very large lizards and two tiny little baby ones.  I scream into the phone, "LIZARDS!!" and the poor lady must have thought that I had actually lost my freaking mind.  She was either so over me or just felt so bad for me, so she said she would send me an emergency supply in the meantime. So that was good...

So now to catch the lizards! All but one of the baby ones ran under the cabinets.  The boys thought this was the best thing ever. I did not.  I scooped up the scared baby lizard into a bowl with a plate on top and told the boys we were going to go let him go outside (where he freaking belongs). Our contractor was not there yet so we all walked outside and found a nice open spot to let him go. At that moment a crew of about 4 guys came around the corner.  I had forgotten that it was concrete pouring day.  I am wearing underwear, no bra and a short baggy shirt. UMMMMM....back inside back inside was all I could think of. The boys did not follow.  They wanted to stay outside and make sure the lizard was "safe." So at this point I am yelling pretty much in the meanest lowest voice for them to get their butts back inside.  They are outside freakin yelling back AT ME asking me if they could keep him as a pet!! WHAT?!

So the day went on.  I had to drive down to County AGAIN to see if our plans had been approved yet (they have not), and without our plans being approved we are basically stuck in limbo of everything not being done.  So that news sucked too.  It was finally the end of the day and I was thinking the worst was over and it was now time for wine.  I put the boys into the bath and decided to do a little laundry. So I went into the laundry room and apparently before we left for school, Max and Ronin had set up "traps" for the lizards.  And by traps I mean giant bowls of Berry Harvest Organic Jelly.  So there they were, the "traps" sitting on the floor with about a billion ants swarming them...meanwhile the boys were in the bath dumping out my very expensive shampoo to create more bubbles.

I just couldn't take anymore. So I half ass wiped up the ants, closed the laundry room door, and poured a very large glass of wine.  Also... the other three lizards have yet to be found.

So to all the ladies who feel like they might lose their minds from time to time, just know you are definitely not alone :)
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