Opinions Needed! Please and Thank you :)

Monday, August 31, 2015

HI! Ahhhhhh I miss sharing here on a regular basis.  Renovation life has been crazy to say the least, and no one could have prepared us for how it would be living in the actual renovation while everything was going on.  Some days drinking wine at 11am sounds like a good idea and other days I just want to eat all the snacks in the house (I'm talking to you fishy crackers)... and some days I want to do both. Stress will do that to you, ha!  But more on renovation life and progress of our barn later, I promise!

So anywhoo! Today, I would love your opinion.  We are getting to the point where we have to start making decisions about certain things like what type of flooring is going where etc... I have narrowed it down to these three samples and I would love to hear your thoughts.  Which is your favorite?  If you need a little more of a visual, the walls will all be white and the exposed beams are going to be stained a light to medium walnut color.
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