7 Must Make Fall Recipes

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

1) "Cheesy" Baked Cauliflower Poppers: Perfect for snacking on while watching football and even your non healthy food loving friends will love these!

2) Baked Apple Chips: These are one of my family's favorite fall treats! Plus they make your whole house smell heavenly as they bake.

3) Flourless Snickerdoodle Cookies: These are soft, moist and delicious.  If you have little cookie monsters living at your house like I do, these will not last long.

4) The Two Minute Pumpkin Pie: This Paleo treat will blow your freaking mind, promise.  Sometimes you just need a little treat NOW and you do not have to wait an hour for it to be ready...so when that happens make this.

5) Flourless Pumpkin Brownies: These super moist, cake like brownies are another family favorite with the boys.  The pumpkin is not overwhelming and they are juuuuuust right.

6) Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookies (Paleo): You need to make these.  That is all there is to say about these. You will not be disappointed.

7) Baked Parsnip Fries: These are sweet, salty and the perfect healthy alternative to french fries.

Have you made any of these treats yet? I would love to hear your feedback if so!


two birds said...

Ooh, I must try the cauliflower poppers and parsnip fries! Yum!

Sydni said...

These all look awesome! I will probably end up trying at least one. Thanks! :)

Marjorie said...

Pinned! Must try the cauliflower poppers :)

Unknown said...

These all look great! I love making apple chips and been wanting to try making parsnip chips for a while too. I'm just going to check the others out!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Last year I made the pumpkin brownies and brought them for thanksgiving and they were a total hit! mm mm mm I also did the parsnip fries which are so delicious, I'm going to get some parsnips and recreate...next up on my list are the cauliflower poppers!

Danielle said...

I LOOVEEE the cauliflower poppers, so delicious! My tip for speeding up the cooking process (so I can gobble them up even faster) is to lightly steam first and then roast ;)

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