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Friday, May 13, 2016

Fresh blueberries picked by Ronin on our blueberry picking date this week. We plan on making this cobbler with them...yummm!

The best Mother's Day brunch basically ever! It was buffet style and I felt like Peter Pan in that scene in the movie Hook where they go and have that giant feast, and there is everything you could possibly imagine to eat.  It was pretty incredible and this was all that I could pile on without looking like a lost boy.

Farmer Max taking his garden watering job very seriously.

My happy and dirty three year old, who will be FOUR (wahhhhhh) in just a few short weeks. I hope I always remember him just like this.

A little peek into the boy's bathroom, which we are finally getting around to finishing up (just need a shower door). It's a subway explosion and I love it.  Also, super happy we went with dark grout and flooring since you know...boys are giant dirt balls.

Have an awesome weekend! And thank you for all the support and positive feedback on this post.  I was waiting for the negative nelly flood gates to open and they never really did. I'm pretty sure I have the coolest most supportive readers ever. You guys are the best.

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Anonymous said...

Awww so sweet...but why would you have any negative nelly responses?

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