baby junk food attempt # 2

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little baby puffs, which make me so nervous.

Just reading the ingredients. I taught him this ; )

Hey I remember this little thing..

Holding on tight!

Love his chubby little hands. Trying to figure how the heck he is supposed to get this to his mouth.


After all that hype..he was much more interested in vigorously shaking the container of rice puffs than eating them.

At Max's 6 month check up the Dr. told us it was okay to feed him little rice puffs...AKA baby junk food. We gave him one to try and poor little guy tried to swallow it whole! NOT GOOD I had a mini heart attack...Since he is now almost 9 months and eating chunkier food just fine I decided to give it another try...Success!


Anonymous said...

aw his little hairs on his head. haha

Unknown said...

lol- he's adorable- just wondering- if you call it baby junk food- why feed him it? haha ;) <3

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