The most wonderful season of them all

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cherry Blossoms are everywhere! Makes driving down my street that much more lovely.

Just bought "Mint Candy Apple" Monday and I love it!

Totally reminds me of Easter. I LOVE these. I could probably eat that whole bowl no biggie

Earth Day. Friday, April 22

How awesome are these springy inspired TOMS?!

Martha Stuart has the best ideas. Vanilla custard in broken egg shells.

I am dying for one of these!..Especially in yellow.

This just sounds yummmy. Gonna make a stop to World Market to pick up a bag!

Lemon cake is just the best. The End.

I asked Ian what comes to his mind when i say "Spring"...and without hesitation this
is what he said...

Baseball starts!

Snow starts melting, which means, no more snowboarding...sad face.
(pretty awesome pic he took while on a man trip in Mammoth)


Felicia said...

I second that lemon cake is the best! Inspiring me to make mine :)

Unknown said...

Hi Lindsay! so funny that you left a comment on my blog today...b/c I just was looking at your blog this afternoon for the first time! Its way cute. But i didn't leave a comment b/c I thought it would be slightly blog stalkerish! Glad you commented though! Now we can totally be blog friends... lol. Your little boy is just absolutely adorable! But I wouldn't expect anything less :-) such a cute little family!

calikatrina said...

Love this post! The blooms, the polish, the TOMS! I need a new pair, stat! :)

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