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Friday, March 4, 2011

Some of the frames I found for my wall project. I also got a great yellow kitchen bowl and two little vases, which are going on our console table.

I may be addicted to thrifting! Not saying I am going to turn into some crazy hoarder lady or anything...but I have found some really great things. I have been almost every morning for two weeks. It's on the way to the gym, so just in case new treasures arrive I want to be the first to spot them!

I'm not the only slightly obsessed one. There is also a lady that I have noticed every single morning as well. She quickly browses the items and then picks up her iPhone and does a form of frantic texting...hmm? I decided to break the awkward "lets pretend we don't see each other every morning thing" and asked her what she was looking for. Turns out she has a very successful eBay shop and resells vintage goodies there!

I am revamping a boring wall in our family room. I found this really awesome idea that I cant wait to finish. My mission yesterday was to find FRAMES ...the uglier the better : )


Felicia said...

Can we go thrift store shopping together?! We would have SUCH a blast! Look at my mom's Just Try It blog, she knows where all the good thrift stores are :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

YES!! I would love to! It is my new favorite thing seriously. Your Mom's blog rocks! Just added it to my favorites

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