a little slice of heaven

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The seemingly endless golden field of flowers on our way to Julian.

Such a cute little shop.

Apple raspberry crumble pie. We both decided this made up for the slightly disappointing hike attempt.

After our little slice tease we HAD to buy a whole pie.

We headed out to Julian today to do a little family hike. My weather channel app said it was going to be beautiful with clear skies :) Hit a few speed bumps along the way...

1) Almost ran out of gas driving there.
2) We dressed like we were doing a beach hike and it was 37 degrees.
3) Drove ALL around looking for the hiking trail and ended up on some creepy road with no trail in sight.
4) It started raining.

SO what to do in Julian when its freezing and raining? Eat their famous warm pie of course.

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Anonymous said...

i love that pic of max and ian. cuties!

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