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Friday, June 3, 2016

Our first time making homemade playdough, and it was a success! The boys had a blast helping and watching it transform into a playdough it smells absolutely amazing thanks to the Blue Razzle Jello-O packet we used :)

Picking out a yellow for our back door. I think I'm going with the one on the left. It's going to be the perfect fun pop of color for the long all white hallway we have.

Picking peaches with Nana in her backyard.

A delicious and impressive charcuterie plate that Ian and I shared on a recent date.  Oh how I loooooove a good charcuterie plate.

Max graduated Kindergarten this week and I am so proud of this sweet little man! We are going to have the best summer ever before he heads off to the big first grade.

Have an awesome weekend!


Anonymous said...

Those are all awesome things to be excited about, esp Kindergarten graduation. I think the door will look great! I get jealous of your posts sometimes because I would just love to live in that area. One my dreams of 2nd home ownership =)

Anonymous said...

What new with your pup, Molly? I've been dying for an update :).

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