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Friday, April 24, 2015

A little day date with myself at Anthropologie.  All the heart eyes goes to this store and the always amazing displays.

How the beet blush + beet lipgloss look when I am wearing them together.  This was also taken after wearing them both for a couple hours. I love the super natural color and it's been my go to for the past week now.

A tiny little bird's nest with an even tinnier little egg on my mom's front porch, which the boys check on every time we visit.

All time favorite coffee mug (husband has the coordinating one). Game of Thrones fans will understand.

I found Ronin like this the other afternoon and it just about melted me. He was so tired and even though his bed was only a few more steps away he felt like the floor was a perfectly good spot for a nap :)

Have an awesome weekend!


Simple Green Moms said...

Love everything about this post! =) And Game of Thrones. Ahh! Must find those coffee mugs!!

Anonymous said...

Love how the blush looks and Ronin TOO cute.

Allison said...

Your natural made makeup looks great on you!

Anonymous said...

What foundation are you using? Your skin looks flawless!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Thank you! I actually just use a CC cream by It Cosmetics.

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