My Summer To-Do List

Monday, June 30, 2014

A silly picture from yesterday, which was officially our first summer beach day. 

Summertime to me is all about late nights in the backyard, beach sand in your hair, sunny days where you eat way too many popsicles and celebrating all three of my boys birthdays, which are literally days apart.  I have recently gotten into making to-do lists (I even downloaded an app ha!)...I know I am like the last human on Earth to jump on this bandwagon but I have officially decided that there is nothing more powerful than checking things off of a to-do list.  In fact, every time I do I say, "Booooo yaaaa!" Say it with a little gusto out loud and you will know how it feels.

So here is my summer to-do list...
  1. Have a s'mores making party in our backyard.  I can admit that I need to step up my hosting game and this summer I plan to do so. 
  2. Go to a Dodger's game with my family.  We are serious fans.  In fact, I am pretty sure my husband would not have agreed to marry me if I had not been on board with his favorite team...not a joke!
  3. Set up a tent in our backyard and have a campout with the boys.  
  4. Get out our ice cream maker and make this recipe, which is my favorite! 
  5. Make it a point to go all out on the Fourth of July.  I plan on buying tons of sparklers and those little popper things and letting the boys go crazy. 
  6. Go skinny dipping. only live once. 
  7. Have a fish cookout with the yummy trout my husband recently caught on his man trip to Mammoth. 
  8. Get Ronin swim safe.  Max is finally swim safe thanks to this swim school and his awesome teacher named Irena! 
  9. Have a girls wine tasting day with my friends.  There is nothing like a beautiful summer day in the wineries. 
  10. Visit new beaches and venture out of our usual comfort zone. 
What fun things do you plan on doing this summer?  I wold love to hear. 


Unknown said...

As a mom you may think this link is funny, "Body after Baby... Shit they don't tell you."

Simply LKJ said...

Sounds like you guys will have wonderful summer jam packed with fun!!

Alexa said...

Great list Lindsay! Some things on my list: Take Mila to Fairyland (which is in the Bay Area, I used to go there when I was a little fun)! Have a Fourth of July BBQ with friends at our place (I also need to step up with hosting), get a facial (I just REALLY want one and it's been forever), take Mila out in the waves more, get some cute summer clothes for Phoenix that actually fit him. I am so bad...I'm like stretching out his 6-9 month clothes. They just outgrow them so fast!

Unknown said...

I LOVE to do lists!!! Which app did you download? Do you like it?! I'm in the market for a good to do list app and would love some suggestions!

Chic Boston Mama said...

What a great list! Wine tasting and smore party may make it on my list!!!
Happy summer darling!

Anne-Marie said...

I need to make a Summer To-Do List too. Thanks for reminder =) My little guy needs to learn how to swim safely too!

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