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Friday, September 13, 2013

Can I get a woooooo hoo for Friday?!

At the moment we are getting all ready to move (the countdown is officially on).  Our house is bare and is getting all packed up.  It feels weird but a good weird.  And tomorrow we are having our first ever garage sale to hopefully make way for new things.  I am so excited about it for some reason and I think I might get donuts because that just seems like the proper garage sale breakfast.

So here is life lately according to my Instagram (@delightedmomma)...

1. Harvesting wine grapes at Grandpa and Aubi's house.  It's a tradition every year for all the boys to get together late at night to pick the last of the extra ripe grapes and this year Max got to join in.  He was beyond excited and fully equipped with a head light and heavy duty grape picking gloves.

2. A serious cousin clan that I would not want to mess with.  Love them all.

3. Working on a furniture makeover and giving an old dresser a brand new fresh look with a pop of color.

4. A beautiful mermaid themed cake from a recent children's party I was at. 

5. I guess you know you live in the country when you are on an evening walk and you pass by the hundreds of sheep that are being herded (or is it herd) literally minutes from our house.  My boys were thoroughly entertained and Ronin has been non stop "baaaaaaaaaaing" (with quite a bit of energy I might add) at basically everything ever since.  Great. 

6.  I plan on starting a little reading nook at our next house for the boys so when I stumbled upon a classic kid's book jackpot during a recent thrifting excursion I was beyond pumped.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Jamie said...

Those cousins are pretty darn cute and what a fun tradition for the boys!

Mindy said...

Eeeek, I want to see the dresser! I don't know why I assumed it was a dresser. Whatever it is, it's blue and I wanna see it. I also want to see your new house!!! TGIF, for sure!

bostons bites and books said...

Good luck on the garage sale and the move! Watch out for the annoying Early Bird garage salers!

jenna j. said...

how exciting! good luck with everything mama, and I say splurge on the donuts :)

mama daze blog

Anonymous said...

Heavy duty grape picking gloves... I don't know why but that just sounds do adorable! I hope you and your family love your new home. And that cousin picture reminds me as a younger kid with my cousins :')

Hollie Ann said...

Harvesting grapes looks like so much fun! I want to get up to the wineries soon.

Alexa said...

Look at all of those classic kids books! :) I am so excited for your move Lindsay! It's finally here. Also I'm jealous of your new white kitchen! Can't wait to see more of the house!

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