How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer on Your Skin

Monday, April 1, 2013

The whole idea of spraying perfume is so that other people (or single person) think you smell good right?  So you want it to last correct?  So here are a few super simple tips to make those sprays of perfume last quite a bit longer than when you just spray it and do a little dance in the fumes right before you leave the house
  • Dab a little bit of Vaseline on your writs before applying perfume.  Perfume will last longer when your skin is nice and hydrated. 
  • Spray perfume on your ankles and behind your knees.  I know sounds so strange but since scent rises this actually makes perfect sense and it works.
  •  Apply it before putting on your clothes.  Most of us put perfume on when fully dressed and run through the perfume sprays while doing a little shimmy but perfume works best when applied to skin, not clothes.  Plus it can actually ruin some fabrics so that's just another reason to spray in the nude ;)
So there ya go! Next time you have a hot date and want to smell extra amazing try these tips. 


Marjorie said...

Good tips! I used to apply it to my neck, but that always caused breakouts and rash. I've done the wrist, but that never lasts. Same with on clothing.

Jen said...

Great tips! Can't wait to try out the vasaline tip next time.

The Olive Tree Blog said...

great tips!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great tips!! You know perfumes like "Love Spell" (one of my favorites but only because of the smell) say its the longest lasting perfume ever, but it looses its aroma after like ten minutes :( but thanks for the fantastic perfume tips!!

perfumes para hombre said...

Great tips for using the perfumes.

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