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Monday, April 18, 2011

What you'll need:
  • Recycled baby jars
  • Essential oil (you can also use vanilla or almond extract)
  • Toxic free crayons for color
  • Pre-waxed wire wick (Michaels)
  • Microwavable soy wax
Why soy is better than traditional paraffin wax:
  • Its biodegradable
  • Its non-toxic. With a little guy crawling around the last thing I want is him inhaling toxic "German chocolate cake" scented candles.
  • Its renewable...which equals better for the planet.

Melt wax in microwave for about 1 min 30 sec. Let cool. Add essential oil.

Melt crayon (more on this at the end) on the stove for about 30 seconds. One crayon adds a lot of color and melts FAST.

Place wick at bottom of candle...and pour wax in.

Let candles cool for about 20 min. Trim wick..actually should have done this earlier..but I forgot :)

Enjoy your toxin free soy candle!

Lesson learned:
Use an OLD pot that you don't mind getting ruined by dried crayon wax. Woooopsie. Should have realized that when wax is REALLY HOT and you pour cold faucet water on it immediately, you make it HARD and it sticks and doesn't come off. I have a craft pot.

There are so many things you can do, big or small to make our planet a safer cleaner place to live. I want to be a good example to my little sponge (Max) and teach him...even though we are just one family we can make a difference....
Simple things like buying organic locally grown food, reusing materials and recycling bottles and glass jars is a great place to start. In honor of Earth Day this Friday, I am going to do my best to post a "Green diy" each day this week as a reminder of how easy is it to be a little more environmentally friendly.


Unknown said...

what a great idea... they look amazing! wonderful photos and i love how clean your site is too! :)

take care, aimee

Unknown said...

wow that is such an amazing DIY! thanks for sharing, and who doesnt love candles??? yes, Texas is afforable for housing i think! i really loved it there, but don't know if i could ever live there full-time just because of it being landlocked, and it is also pretty small! i think after a few months id run out of new things to do!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Carlinn said...

have you tried heating it up again and wiping it off with paper towel? thats what i used to do when i made candles :)

Welcome said...

im so loving this ! Wonderful Linds!!!

Anonymous said...

I like what Calrinn said... good idea. And HAHA you amazing. Ive been wanting to make SCENTED candles for a while now. You should make soap, scented soap, me and dad did it one time! success!

Jessica said...

you could line the pot with foil before melting the wax

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I'll do more than share in environmental services needed: I use up all my discarded crayons and save on wonderful gifts to give, too.

Anonymous said...

I use tin cans (from cat/dog food etc) instead of pots!

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