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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have never been a thrift store shopper before. I always had these preconceived notions that they had a bunch of junk, were dirty and only homeless people shopped there...HARSH I know. But I decided to go anyway just to see if I was right.

There were definitely some strange folks there not gonna lie...but for the most part things were organized and everyone was just minding their own business and not trying to steal my baby haha.

I found some great little treasures!.. AND I purchased a console table for the front entry way of our house for only $20!!



Anonymous said...

That looks amazing! I felt the same way about good will. I ended up leaving empty handed! I wish I could find a graeat deal like that!!!

Jessica said...

Hi! I just found your blog! I'm loving reading it! I don't know if you'll get this comment since I'm commenting on such an old post but i'm wondering how you got that table to look white washed like that? I'm sure the technique isn't called whitewashed, but it's beautiful whatever you did and I would love to know how you did it or what paint you used!
Thank you thank you! You can email me or I can check back!

Almost Precious said...

What a transformation on this thrift store treasure. I must admit that I've never been fortunate enough to find anything worth bringing home at my local Goodwill or Salvation Army stores, perhaps I just went on the wrong days.
Love your blog, it is so bright, pretty and cheerful. I can certainly see why it is so popular. :)

Eva said...

Wow, good job. I usually don´t like such atnique style furnishing but this is really great.

Ryan Phelps said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sonni K. said...

I know this is an old post but I LOVE what you did with that table! Is there anyway you could do a followup for a "how to" because it looks fab!

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