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Friday, December 11, 2015

Max and Ronin decorating a giant gingerbread man.  I actually purchased this by mistake and thought I was going to open a box with a bunch of tiny gingerbread men, but instead it was just this guy.  It ended up being just as fun for them since all they really care about in the end is eating the actual cookie.

A grass happy face in the side of a hill :)

Newly installed brass lighting in our master bathroom.  Love these so much!

A pretty funny autocorrect from Ian, haha!

Our ugly/awesome sweaters for the Christmas party we are going to tomorrow night. Can't wait to get all festive and have some fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mindy said...

Hilarious autocorrect.
The sweaters...I die.

Jackie said...

Love the giant gingerbread cookie. So cute and delicious looking

Karen Cole @HealthBenefitAdmin said...

Cookies are really looking so delicious.

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