A Peek Into our Master Bedroom - A Work In Progress

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ian and I have been married for 7 whole years and in those 7 years we have never decorated our master bedroom.  It was always one of those things we would put off because we had a baby coming or we had to pay for something else.  So when we moved into our recent home I decided it was finally time to make our master bedroom a priority and create a personal space that we both love with both of our styles in mind.

Ian's decorating style is "log cabin" (haha if that is even a style) and I love mid-century modern.  So I tried to combine the two and I would say it is a fun mix of modern farmhouse and we couldn't be happier with how it's turned out so far.

This light up marquee sign that was a recent HomeGoods score is hanging above our dresser.

Vintage Arrows found on Etsy, which I have arranged in a vase.

A unique abstract painting that the husband actually picked out.  Artwork can be found here.

My awesome kick ass decorator of an Aunt recommended that I add a chair in the corner of our room and ever since I found this chair (also a HomeGoods find) it has become one of my favorite spots to sit and read (and drink wine duh) after the kids go to bed.

Moroccan leather pouf can be found here.

Vintage Kilim rug, which has made it's way out and back into our room at least a dozen times because I can't seem to decide if it's too much.  Thoughts?

Brass ceiling lighting, which was the biggest pain in the butt to hang but totally worth it.

DIY tufted headboard made by my Aunt.  She found the headboard at a thrift store and then added the velvet tufting.  It is so beautiful and adds so much character to our room.

I have gone through more pillows than is probably normal but I finally found these beauties from Etsy, which are staying for sure.

These West Elm nightstands were love at first sight for me, but not for the husband.  He wanted something with more of a barn house look (think massive with lots of drawers) but I think these are slowly growing on him ;)  We each have one on each side of our bed and funny thing is I don't think he even has one thing in that drawer ha!  I found the lamps at Ikea and the circle mirror above from the Flea Market.

Our room is a work in progress and we are taking our time trying to find additional artwork pieces and doing a few other projects (I would love to do a faux white brick wall behind our bed eventually) but in the meantime we are loving our first adult big boy and big girl bedroom :)


two birds said...

Wow, I am impressed. You've inspired me to decorate our bedroom!

natasha {schue love} said...

I just love your style and am dying to see more of your house! You did an amazing job!

Megan said...

I love it! I saw the LOVE sign at HG too. Andrew was a no go. :( Glad you got it!

Sydni said...

I want to see the whole thing zoomed out!

Simply LKJ said...

Love that headboard!

Rhiannon said...

You're reminding me how much I need to thrift! We've been in our house for a year and the bedrooms are still just beds and a dresser. Nothing on the walls. My mantle is also very sad. My excuse is how expensive all the "extras" are, but a good thrift might be just what the doctor ordered!

SweetCandyDreamer said...

It looks like a very lovely bedroom x


StudioPillows said...

Love how you mixed old with new. Great job!

pinkpeony said...

Your headboard reminds me of Don and Betty's from Mad Men! How cool! I think the rug brings out the colors in the room and ties everything together.

Elaine - Visual Meringue said...

It's gorgeous! Great job! I hope you post a more overall room shot when you are done so we can see the 'complete' look altogether. Love the way you have tied in both of your personal tastes.

jessica // union shore said...

OK, I'm seriously loving it all! the brass light and side table by the chair are my faves! oh and I love the pillows too! show us more!!!! haha

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