Things That Make Me Say Yeay + It Feels Gooooood to Be Bloggin Again

Friday, August 29, 2014

Fresh eggs from my Dad and Step-Mom's farm.  Maybe it's all in my head but they taste so much better than anything I have ever purchased from a store.

Banana Chia Seed muffins that I made this week for the boys.  A-freaking-mazing... I just have to carve out a little time to write up a post with the recipe.

Ian preparing the trout he caught in Mammoth for our annual fish fry.

French fries and pool side Bloody Mary's from our recent trip to Nashville.  We stayed at the Opryland Hotel and Resort and brought along my sister and it was a blast.  She has since gone back to her home in Germany and I miss her so much!

A fuzzy but very real picture that I posted to my Instagram of the three of us at the Opryland Hotel last week.  Both boys were wanting to go in different directions to see different things :)

Have a great weekend and a happy Labor Day!


Olivia said...

Love R's shirt!!!

Candice said...

AHHH you were so close to us! We go to Nashville from Paducah (about a 2 hour drive) every couple of months to grocery shop at the Whole Foods! Glad you got to visit with your sister and am SUPER excited you are back to blogging! BTW the "cheesy" cauliflower recipe has been a lifesaver for me! We are attempting to be vegan for a short time in an attempt to heal our bodies and this girl HATES veggies. So yeah I have pretty much ate a head of cauliflower every single day for lunch! So shout out to you for that awesome recipe!

Mindy said...

Glad to see you pop into my reader! Fries and Bloody's?! Yes please.

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