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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I thrifted this leather jacket a little while back. I just recently had it tailored so I no longer resemble a linebacker when I wear it. I'm not a big fan of "pleather"..I think it looks cheap and smells weird. So when I found the real deal for $7 I snatched it right up.

This was for sure a diamond in the rough. It was in a big bin of used purses and I saw a little corner of it peeking out from the bottom. When I reached down to pick it up I thought, "Hmmm this looks nice." It was in PERFECT condition. I looked inside to see if was from Forever 21. Nope it was Italian made and genuine leather. It was "Half off Friday" so I walked away with this little beauty for $5!!

I almost said to the lady checking me out "WOW this little clutch is waaaay under priced"...but then thought NO DUMMY...."One woman's junk is another woman's treasure."

There is a big difference between being thrifty and being cheap. To me, being thrifty means buying the things you love at a great price. Being cheap means compromising quality. Ever since becoming a Momma my outlook on spending has drastically changed. I no longer feel okay about spending $180+ on a pair of jeans (craziness I know). I get such a thrill when I find the SAME jeans at places like Urban Exchange for about $40. I believe you can find even BETTER quality items when you are being thrifty... if you look hard enough and put a little extra effort in.


Jessica Marie said...

I love that clutch! What a fantastic find!

chelsea lee said...

WOW - that clutch!! such a great find! that jacket is a gorgeous color too.

Welcome said...

i love thrift shopping! Its a lion on Hunt!

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