Skin Care Tip of the Week *Healing Acne with Garlic

Monday, October 21, 2013

Acne breakouts can be annoying, embarrassing and just plain old inconvenient when they happen.  If you have ever experienced acne I am almost positive you had a moment or two where you were willing to try just about anything to make it go away.  Everyone responds differently to topical products and remedies and for that reason there is literally hundreds of remedies for one single skin ailment.  The key is finding the right combination of ingredients that works for you.

This weeks skin care remedy is a simple yet very effective one and all you need is a garlic clove.  Most people associate garlic cloves with cooking but they actually are full of medicinal purposes that you may or may not be aware of.

Some of the health benefits of garlic are:
  • It promotes sweating, which is great if you have a fever or are sick
  • It can help reduce blood pressure
  • Can help lower blood sugar (great for type 1 diabetes)
  • It is anti-parasitic 
  • It is a stimulant for the immune system.  Try this remedy with garlic to fight off colds or the flu. 
  • Can help fight fungal infections such as thrush. 
  • Very effective in reducing acne breakouts when applied topically.  
So you got a giant zit (I know that word is so un-clinical but lets just call it what it is) and you are desperate to make it go away.  Here is how you can use a clove of garlic to to help...

  1. Get a fresh (preferably organic) garlic clove and peel it to reveal the fleshy clove. 
  2. Rub it on the breakout for about a minute. 
  3. Wait at least a few hours before washing face. 
For best results do this everyday for at least two weeks or until you start to see improvements.  The benefits of garlic are endless and if you are having skin issues I highly suggest you give this somewhat unusual remedy a try.


Maci said...

Sounds stinky but I am willing to try it.

Anonymous said...

Do you cut it open and rub the fleshy part on your skin or just peel it and rub the outside of the clove on your skin? -Jordan

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Jordan- you are going to use the fleshy part after the clove has been peeled.

Alexa said...

Dude garlic has so many benefits, I had no idea about it helping acne. Thanks for the tip, sweet Lindsay and happy new week!

Anonymous said...

I've found my product that helps me best and quickest. For me tea tree oil works best. When I start to break out, I just put a drop straight on spot. But garlic is very interesting.

Danielle said...

I just broke out like crazy the last few days (almost that time of the month) and I may try this out. My go to remedy for breakouts is witch hazel applied topically before I go to bed :)

Lauren said...

I will have to try this! I've had the WORST breakouts forever... Since I hit puberty. I mean, horrible. Nothing has worked for me and african black soap helped a bit, and then I found that coconut oil and lavendar EO cleared my skin up overnight. I'm sure I will still get some rogue pimples though and I always have organic garlic on hand so I will keep this tip in my back pocket ;)

Lindsay said...

Awesome tips Linds!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsay! Can you leave it on overnight? Thanks for the (always awesome) tips!! :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Alli- yes you can :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lindsay! I have to tell you that I absolutly love your blog. Your positive attitude and tips never fail to cheer up my day!
As I have acne since the begin of puberty I have tried a lot to get rid of those blemishes, including once rubbing garlic on my breakouts. Yet a problem occured: The essential oils that give garlic its antibiotic effect caused burnlike skindefects. I was horrified! :( My skin eventually healed, but I think it is better to warn others about this. Maybe one should first check on the inside of the arm if one reacts in this way. I do not want to insult you in any way, but as I had this experience, I wanted to keep others that may have reactions comparable to mine from harm.
Beside this I want to repeat that I really like the way you tell us about your life as a mom and a brave type 1 diabetic. :)
(As I am not a native english speaker, please excuse any mistakes.)

Anonymous said...

Would this work on cold sores?

Anonymous said...

I had warts growing up (on knuckles and knees). My mother cut a clove of garlic in half and rubbed the flesh of it on the warts for a minute or so and then had me swallow the OTHER half of the clove with a glass of water (like a pill). She did this every day. The warts got smaller and smaller and then went away. They have not come back.

Anica said...

Garlic is amazing!! I eat 3 gloves almost everyday. Best to chop it up and let it sit for a few minutes while you cook, then sprinkle it on you dinner, or lunch. It has a certain spicy taste when eaten raw, and for some it is too strong, but I love it! It is much better for you to eat raw (Organic) and freshly chopped. The bottled diced garlic is not as effective if you are hoping to use it for health reasons. It is my first line of defense when I feel a cold coming!

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