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Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Friday!

Here are a few snippets of life lately according to my Instagram (@Delightedmomma) and my iPhone...

1. A longer than 2 hour date night that obviously needed to be documented.

2. Date night dessert.  I made a rule that diet rules do not apply while on dates right before I ate this.  I think that rule is awesome and so was this crazy chocolate stacked treat.

3. My two crazy boys keeping me on my toes and almost giving me multiple panic attacks while at the park.  Can they just NOT try to jump in the duck pond or pretend they are super heroes while at the top of the park slide.  That would be great.

4. Kilim pillows that I have been slowly collecting from ebay and Etsy for the new place.  I am kind of in love with them.

5. Max has been kickin butt and takin names at swim class and he recently got over his fear of floating on his back.  This was his face right after he finished his latest class.  I would say he was pretty proud of himself. 

6. The cutest (I would say they are cute) little pumpkin trees from Trader Joes!  Perfect for fall decorating.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I am going to my soon to be sister-in-law's bridal shower this weekend and I am so excited she is going to officially be a part of our family in just a few short weeks.  I am in charge of desserts and I think I might give cake pops a whirl!  It will be my first time ever making them but hey how hard can they possibly be?  I will watch a You Tube video ;)


Anonymous said...

Your boys are too cute.

Danielle said...

I'd love to see a paleo cake pop recipe :)

I've made the traditional cake pops once, it was such a pain in the ass! I ended up getting a cake pop pan as a gift, makes things so much easier and less time consuming for sure.

Anonymous said...

Cake pops can be annoying or pretty simple--depending on what you want to do! The general idea is to mix cake with frosting until it's a nice, shapeable consistency. Then you can coat in chocolate or a candy coating (this is the annoying step) or simply roll in coconut or sprinkles or something :)

Lieke said...

Good luck with the cake pops. Thumbs up for trying;-)

Kim L said...

Lovely pictures! :)

accidental encounters

Amanda B said...

I made cake pops for a baptism recently and they were so hard to make! We have a cake pop pan and it made the cake pops wonderuflly but using sticks and coating in chocolate was torture! That being said I was unprepared and everyone RAVED about them and there fore requests I bring them to many upcoming gatherings.. which I agreed to, I guess all the hard work was worth it

Alexa said...

Ok I love your pillows Lindsay! I actually went to one of the shops where you got yours and have been pillow stalking. God that sounds lame. But I've picked out two that I really like...just waiting for the moment to buy them (when my first paycheck back at work comes)! Hope you had a great weekend, friend!

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