Day 1 of Juice Cleanse + Kiwi Kale Juice Recipe

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today is day one of my very first juice cleanse.  I did some pre-juicing shopping this past weekend at the farmer's market and I am so excited to get started.

This is not a crazy lemonade only/starve myself kind of juice cleanse.  I did one of those back in the day called the Master Cleanse (hello pre wedding days) where you drink lemon water cayenne pepper and maple syrup for 7 days and I wanted to literally kill someone after day 2 and that's where that ended.  So no thank you to that.  This is going to be the kind of cleanse where I fill my body with nutritious, organic fruits and vegetables that are juiced.  I am going to take it one day at a time and listen to my body.  I am not following a specific plan or program I am just wingin I do with almost everything.

I am hoping this makes me feel more focused, clear headed and energized, which are some of the benefits that I am most interested in.  I believe sometimes you just need to start fresh and I can not think of a better way. 

My plan is to replace three meals a day with a fresh pressed green juice for 4 days.  I do not think I could go any longer.  I will be cutting out alcohol, baby food (haha kidding! But seriously why is baby rice so good?) and swapping green tea for coffee.  If anyone tells me to cut caffeine out completely you are nuts.  Not gonna happen.  So call me a juicer cheater but that's the plan.  Since I am Type 1 diabetic sometimes things arise like low blood sugar so I will be making tiny modifications if needed.   

This week on the blog I will be sharing my updates for the 4 days of my cleanse.  Each day I will share what juice (worth sharing) was good and how I feel. 

Delicious!  And I promise it does not taste like fresh cut grass.  Unfortunately I have to give full credit to my husband (kidding) since he is the one that came up with it.  Lets just say that the one I made right before might have been the worst thing to ever come out of a juicer. 

Kiwi Kale Juice:
  • 6 kale leaves
  • 1 apple
  • 1 kiwi
  • 1 inch slice of ginger
  • 2 large carrots
Have you ever done a juice cleanse?  If you have a favorite juiced concoction please share! I would love to try one of your recipes and include it in my cleanse this week.

*Update  For those of you asked, I have a Breville Juice Fountain Elite juicer.   If you have any questions regarding the cleanse please leave them below and I will answer in tomorrow's post. 


Simply LKJ said...

I have been thinking about doing this, but not sure how hubby would react. He definitely is not up to it!! LOL I have often wondered if you just substituted 2 meals (breakfast/lunch) and then ate a healthy dinner if you would get decent results.

Anonymous said...

What kind of juicer do you have? I put a kale leaf in mine and get one drop of juice!

Hanna said...

Ha. Ha. Your funny! I love the master cleanse!! I try to do it like twice a year! I once did it for 16 days:) I'm kinda crazy!!
This looks amazing and much healthier:)

Megan Johnson said...

I started my own juice cleanse yesterday, and am also just doing my own thing and taking it day by day. So far so good! My favorite juice recipe is:
4 carrots
1 green apple
1/2 a beet
1 big hand full of spinach + a few of the leafy greens from the beets
1/2 a lemon
It's not really 'green' because of the beet, but it's delicious!

Unknown said...

oh yay! I am on the last day of a 3 day cleanse and am actually feeling pretty great. This recipe sounds so delicious that I think I will incorporate it into my last day :) 4 are brave! Good luck :) XO Brynn

Jen said...

How do you figure out carbs for insulin on this juice cleanse? I'm on an insulin pump and count carbs. I imagine the juice is higher in carbs than the whole fruit.
Excited to see more recipes!
Thanks for blogging!

two birds said...

i love the idea of this, but i feel like i would pass out after a half a day. i'm interested to read about your progress...and to get your recipes! good luck!

Unknown said...

Hi! Your juice looks great! I have a couple of questions. Do you have snacks in between "juice meals"? And also if I work away from home, can I make juice ahead of time and bring it with me? One more... what kind of juicer are you using? I'm torn between buying a juicer or a Vita-Mix. I've heard mixed things on juicers but great things on Vita-mix....the cost of the Vita-Mix is what steers me away!

Anna Elder said...

I bet adding the kiwi in really helped with the flavor. So, how are you feeling? I hope you are drinking more than 3 juices a day, though. I think I would have 4-5 just keep with regular calories.

Try this one, it's crazy good: 8 broccoli florets, 2-3 green apples, 1 bunch flat leaf parsley. I have a juice recipe book with some favorites if you want me to email you some…I don't mind at all! Just let me know.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Great questions everyone! I will answer all questions is my post tomorrow.

Katie Owens said...

Sounds weird but beets are great in juices!! :)

Stevi said...

Is a cleanse ok to do if you are breastfeeding?

My Style Vita said...

My favorite juice recipe (which is the similar to the one at whole foods "green lemonade") is a handful of kale (2 leaves or 3) handful of spinach, 1/2-3/4 of an apple, 1 lemon, small chunk of ginger, and half a cucumber.

A few juicing tips I recently discovered after buying one, cucumbers and zucchini have almost no flavor and tons of liquid. It's a great filler if you don't get too much out of your initial juice. I actually discovered this after making your zucchini pasta and had the middle section left over and no clue what to do with it. So i juiced it! Also, the pulp makes for a great quick bread. Shred a cup of zuchinni, add a half to a whole cup of your pulp and make your favorite quick bread recipe. DELISH!

will definitely be trying your recipe on my next trip to the market!

xo Jessica

Anonymous said...

My favorite juice recipe is:
1 large head of romaine
2 celery stalks
1/2 cucumber
1 pear
fresh mint

This recipe is refreshing and delicious!! Enjoy!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hey! I have done a few juice cleanses myself and I LOVE them. Especially when I get to stay at my mom's house and we're able to do it alongside one another. One of our favorites is:

The Happy Mood Morning from the Juice Lady's Turbo Diet book:
1/2 green apple
4-5 carrots
3 fennel stalks; include leaves and flowers
1/2 cucumber
handful spinach
1-inch piece gingerroot

It's great! I hope you get the chance to try it!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Do you have a preference on juicing versus whole foods blending via a blendtech or vitamix? I have been making "green" smoothies with a blendtech for over a year now, but now I'm debating switching over to juicing, however, I dont really know the pros and cons between the two. Which one do you think is better? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, hello!
I love juices!... everyday we drink a liter of them. One of our favorite ones is: 1 big beet+ 3 carrots+ 6 oranges.... lovely!!!!

katie said...

I just read the comment above, and I too was wondering what would be the difference between juicing and using like a magic bullet. Could you maybe discuss that in a post?

Bailey said...

Hi, I love your blog! I really enjoy your recipe for the ACV elixir. I am wondering would you mind giving updates on the cleanse affects your blood sugars? I hope it is not too intrusive to ask, but as a fellow Type 1 I am curious. Good luck!

Unknown said...

We've been doing green juice every morning (using a Brevill Juice Fountain Multi-Speed) since right around the beginning of the year. I was nervous about what it would do to my blood sugar {type 1 also} but I just have to bolus for 1 of the apples and I'm golden.

Our basic recipe makes enough for 2 large servings...
6 Kale leaves
1 large cucumber
3 stalks celery
2 granny smith apples
1/4 lemon
1-inch chunk ginger
large handful of parsley

I tend to like it with a little more ginger and sometimes I toss in a carrot. My 7 year old daughter ever drinks it.

Rachel said...

Sounds so yummy! I wish I had a juicer! Keep us updated!

Mindy said...

Nope, never done it. Does this mean little man is done nursing? Awwww, so sad.
I LOVE that first picture by the way.

Krysta said...

I love Cucumber, Kale, Lemon juice. 1/2 head of kale, 2 cucumbers and 1/2-1 lemon.

Unknown said...

Ohh look forward to reading, I need to do this.

Lyndsey said...

I love juicing, I just wish it didn't cost so much!

Nat{natyouraveragegirl} said...

good for you! can't (weight) wait to hear how it went!

Stephanie May Anderson said...

I'll be checking back for your recipes because honestly, most of the time I juice, it is horribly wrong and disgusting. Learn from my mistakes- don't juice red cabbage or radishes...

Good luck with the cleanse and I can't wait to try your recipes!

Gentiana said...

I love: pear, pineapple, spinach, mint (fresh is better). Awesome taste! Good cleanse!

Bea L L said...

i haven't done a juice cleanse but i've been taking a green drink a day for over a week. i'm not able to go with juice as a meal because i feel starving a whie after it. so i drink 2 glasses of this green drink as a morning snack or afternoon snack.
don't you feel like crazy hungry?

I'll keep an eye on your updates!
Bea =)

Anonymous said...

I was just watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (LOL) and the new woman on there, Yolanda, was saying how great the master cleanse is, and how great it makes you feel... she was pretty convincing! haha, no thanks! Apparently she does it all the time for health.

I'm not even sure I could do a juice cleanse, but I'm with you, if I did... it would be + coffee :)


Mandee said...

I like to juice 6 or 7 carrots and an orange. Yum!

Lindsay said...

Love your modivation to be healthy! This looks delicious

Unknown said...

Many people think about water fasting and master cleansing but in my opinion juice cleanse diet is much better than the two because it supplies the essential nutrition to the body while you fasting. Numerous health benefits of juice cleanses are there such as weight loss, anti aging, detoxification, enhance immune,metabolic,digestive systems etc,

Anonymous said...

Vitamix is the best blender. I have had use it for eight years.
I am still using it for my morning smoothly.

Zespri Green Kiwifruit said...

I’m so going to try this tomorrow!! Can’t Wait!

Anonymous said...

I read some of the comments asking about the difference between the ninja/magic bullets and a juicer. I have the Jack LaLannes Juicer and a Ninja. For juicing you want to def use a juicer. When you use the ninja it includes everything including the seeds pulps etc... so it can make it taste bitter, be very gritty or thick so when you do use a Ninja/bullet you have to peel, cut and de seed while using a juicer most produce you do not. I would use the Ninja or magic bullet for smoothies, soups, frozen treats but the juicer for just juice plus you can only use it for juice. Coconuts, bananas and avacados do not have juice so your not able to put them in a juicer without blocking it or ruining it, you can't put extra liquids in a juicer or ice. You use the juicer strickly for juice and it shoots out the juice on one end and shoots out the pulp on the other end (which you can find recipes to use the pulp so you don't feel like its going to waste such as muffins, soups, meatloaf, or you can simple use it as compost) while giving you the nutrients of the produce's skin because most veggies and fruits you stick the whole thing in, including skin/seeds (unless it has a big pit such as peach or necter then you have to take that out but still leave skin on). The more acidic fruits you don't for it may make it bitter. Anyway I hope this helps some of you. If your looking to just juice then you want a juicer. If your looking to switch back and forth from juicing to smoothies, then your going to want a juicer and a blender of some sort because you will have to transfer the juice into a blender with whatever extra ingredient (banana, protein powder, ice) your using to make it into a smoothie. Hope that helps some of you right now until she can get an article out for us all :)

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